The e-Commerce industry has transformed the way people shop in India. In fact, the e-commerce industry in India is estimated to surpass $200B mark by the year 2026 from $38.5B in 2017. Most of the growth is likely to be triggered due to the ever-increasing use of the World Wide Web and smartphones. The E-commerce revenue in India is likely to jump from $39B in 2017 to $120B by the year 2020, with an average growth of 51% per year, which is the highest across the globe.

Online Shopping Tips for Shoppers in India:

Comparison shopping

You can find plenty of shopping websites in India that are reliable and trustworthy however it takes plenty of time as well as effort before you’re able to conclude which of these site offers you the best deal on your chosen product. Sites like,,, and can make it easier for customers to pick the store that offers the best price for their chosen product. Using what is commonly known as XML feeds and web scraping, the comparison shopping sites list prices from several online retailers to allow the customers to pick the one which offers the best deal. The only drawback to this service is that a few of these engines might not have the price data from every single retailer. Hence, the listed price might not be the lowest every single time on the web.

Cash backs are the way to go

You can find sites such as and that offer cash back each time you make a purchase. You need to visit the given product site using the special links available on these sites. All you must do is sign up for a free account at so as to receive several retailer website links in which you are able to redeem your cashback offers. You simply need to do shopping through the provided links and make your purchases as you do normally. Once you make a purchase and the applicable conditions are met, the said cash back amount would be sent to you instantly.

Do not ignore price alerts

Price alerts are not that challenging to use. All you need to do is use the price tracker so as to receive instant notifications via email once the online price of the given product drops. You simply add the products that you want to buy in a spreadsheet & let the tracker monitor the prices on your behalf.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons are quite popular among shoppers all around the world. Coupons are basically shortcodes which can be applied while you’re checking out. In India, you have coupon websites like and where more often than not you are able to find active coupons for various online retailers in India. You can find these coupons sorted based upon their expiry date. Meaning the ones which are already expired won’t show up on the site.

Besides, sites like feature India-specific section which offer coupons from Domino’s pizza, Amazon, & other popular online shopping sites. In addition, shoppers are able to subscribe to the weekly newsletter of their favorite shopping site to enjoy additional discount codes on a variety of products of their choice.


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